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       To apply for admission to St.Winifred Inno. Institute, student should Pay a sum of N5,000 only to any First Bank Plc. Branch (Acct. No. 2016108734)

     - Forward payment Teller to the School Accounting Department..

     - You will receive your "Scrach Card Pin" from the Institution's Account Department.

       Locate a cybercafe so you can access the internet and log on to "", Click Student portal . Read your instruction properly before you proceed.

As a new student, make sure you click on theNew Applicant Sign-uplink at the right top corner of our Student Portal activate an account for yourself (This will only enable you to create log-in details and print the Acknowledgement letter with the acceptance scratch card of N5,000 only).

Log in to print your Admission letter, Please do not forget that you must load your e-wallet with the tuition fee of N60,000 scratch card to proceed with your semester course registration. It is only after this registration that you will have access to the semester's materials.

Do not forget to download and print your the following documents for further references as they will be necessary for your studentship verification and semester examinations:

- Student's Identity Card

- Admission Letter (for new students)

- Course Registration Slip

- Current Exam Registration Slip

- E-wallet Summary

Use your username and password OR surname and matric no(for already registered student) to have access to your student home page.