» Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I apply for ND admission?
Ans: Click on 'Direct Application' or go to 'Student Portal' and click 'Sign Up', then carefully follow the instruction.

2. How do I login with my acceptance scratch card pins?
Ans: pls follow the same step in question 1 above.

3. How do I check if my name is on the admission list?
Ans: move the mouse over 'Admission' tab and select 'Current Admission', then click on the department your course may be related to.

4. How do I contact the school if need be?
Ans: click on 'Contact Us' on the top navigation bar to see the address of the school and phone numbers, you can call or mail us.

5. How do I apply for professional programme(s)?
Ans: click on 'Professional Programme' and select the Professional Programme you wanted to be trained for then apply.

6. How do I print out my course form?
Ans: After full payment, select the semester you wanted to print its course form from the student portal then carefully follow the instruction.

7. Where do I run my HND?
Ans: After successful completion of your National Diploma, you can on your own apply to any polytechnic for your HND progam or apply for direct admission to 200 Level of a degree program in any University of your choice. The School will be willing to assist you for this higher articulation.