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St. Winifred

Innovation Institute, Ibadan

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    Computer Software Engineering

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    NID in Computer Software Engineering

    The NID programme in Software Engineering is structured to run for twenty four months of classroom and practical works, with the supervised industrial work experience scheme (SIWES) with relevant organizations and running concurrently with course work starting in the third quarter.

    The National Innovation Diploma programme is designed to produce skilled software technicians who should be able to solve a wide range of problems by the systematic development and evaluation of large, high quality software systems.


    Course Code

    Course Title

    CSE 101 
    CSE 111 
    CSE 121    
    CSE 131 
    CSE 141 
    CSE 151 
    MTH 101 
    STT 101 
    GNS 101 

    Computers Systems 
    Introduction to Programming
    Basic Digital Systems
    Internet and World Wide Web 
    Computer Application Packages
    File Organization and Management 
    Logic and Linear Algebra 
    Introduction to Statistics
    English Language and Communication


    Course Code

    Course Title

    CSE 102 
    CSE 112 
    CSE 122    
    CSE 132 
    CSE 142 
    CSE 152 
    CSE 162 
    MTH 102 
    GNS 111 

    Data Structures and Algorithm  
    PC Upgrade and Maintenance
    Computer System Troubleshooting
    Computer and Society  
    Basic Hardware Maintenance
    System Analysis and Design  
    Students Industrial Attachment  
    English Language and Communication II


    Course Code

    Course Title

    CSE 201  
    CSE 211  
    CSE 221     
    CSE 231 
    CSE 241 
    CSE 251 
    ENT 201 

    Programming Concepts
    Computer Programming using VB.NET 
    System Programming Concept (C, C++) 
    Computer Application Packages II 
    Structured Query Language I 
    Relational Data Base Management Systems (RDBMS) I
    Entrepreneurship Development

    NID 2 - SEMESTER 2

    Course Code

    Course Title

    CSE 202 
    CSE 212 
    CSE 222 
    CSE 232 
    CSE 242 
    CSE 252 

    Scientific Programming Language using Object Oriented JAVA
    Management Information System
    Structured Query Language II
    Relational Data Base Management Systems (RDBMS) II
    Software Project Management

    For the purpose of awarding the National Innovation Diploma in Software Engineering is, the students’ work shall be evaluated on the basis of Practical work, Examinations and Tests assessed per subject and SIWES, as follows:
    SIWES is programmed to run concurrently with course work starting in the third quarter.

    The weighting of each of the components of subjects and SIWES shall be as follows:
    General Studies - 10% (minimum)
    Foundation Studies - 15% (minimum)
    Industrial Attachment (SIWES) - 25% (minimum)
    Professional (Core) Studies - 50% (maximum)
    Practical - 70%
    Examinations - 20%
    Class Tests - 10%


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