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St. Winifred

Innovation Institute, Ibadan

FME Approved, NBTE Accredited & JAMB Listed

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    Multimedia Technology

    • Curriculum

    National Innovation Diploma in Multimedia Technology (NID in Multimedia Technology)

    The structure of the National Innovation Diploma inMultimedia Technology consists of four semesters of mainly laboratory activities. Each semester shall consist of 15 weeks which would involve teaching, practical exercises, quizzes, tests, etc and 2weeks for examinations.

    The programme is designed to equip the students with creative and designing skills which would give them an opportunity to move in the various fields
    of digital media. In addition, students will develop and produce impressive motion graphics for possible inclusion in a final portfolio with articulated
    written plans, which would lead to their own uniqueportfolio.

    NID 1 - SEMESTER 1

    Course Code

    Course Title

    GNS  101 
    GNS  128 
    BAM  111 
    ART  111 
    MMP  111 
    MMP  112 
    MMP  113 

    Use of English
    Introduction to Business
    Art History I 
    Introduction to Computer 
    Multimedia Foundation Concepts 
    Digital Print and Publishing 

    NID 1 - SEMESTER 2

    Course Code

    Course Title

    GNS  201 
    BAM  126 
    ART  121 
    MMP  121 
    MMP  122 
    MMP  123 
    MMP  124 
    MMP  125 

    Use of English II 
    Introduction to Entrepreneurship 
    Art History II 
    Critical Thinking 
    Multimedia Techniques 
    Introduction to Web Design and Authoring 
    Multimedia Management and Policy I 
    Principles of Programming

    NID 2 - SEMESTER 1

    Course Code

    Course Title

    MMP 211


    NID 2 - SEMESTER 2

    Course Code

    Course Title

    MMP  221 
    MMP  222 
    MMP  223 
    BAM  224 

    Multimedia Management and Policy II
    Multimedia Programming
    Digital Film Animation
    Small Business Management

    The curriculum consists of:
    Foundation courses 10% allocation
    General Studies 10% allocation
    Core course 80% allocation
    SIWES - 25% (at the third semester of the programme)


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